Commercial Security

Mexico Security's Exclusive Honeywell First Alert Professional Services provides Reliable Security Solutions for every aspect of your life...

Providing a Secure Environment

Security Alarm Systems
Mexico Security can design a burglary system customized for your needs. Whether you want to use wireless or wired products, we can create a system that is easy to expand and upgrade. Features to consider:
· Customized interior and perimeter protection ·
· Advanced installation and operating technologies ·
· Identification of exact point of alarm ·
· Partitioning capabilities ·
· Easy to expand or upgrade ·
· Opening/closing reports ·
· Ability to know of a breach and or event when it happens, on your mobile phone ·

All our Alarm Systems are integrateable with Honeywell’s Total Connect which provide real time, 24-7 notifications and control over your system using your Cell Phone and or PC, no matter where you are in the world, providing the ultimate in safety control.

Fire Protection Systems
Fire is one disaster that could put you right out of business. Our fire detection systems allow for affordable and reliable protection that complies with stringent fire codes.
· Manual Pull Stations – Manual activation of the fire alarm system when a fire is detected ·
· Automatic Fire Flarm Systems – Smoke and Heat Detectors respond automatically to the presence of fire or heat caused by a fire, including HVAC duct detectors.
· Waterflow Systems – Activation of the alarm system when the sprinkler system is activated by fire ·
In all the above situations, the Central Station is automatically notified and will alert the fire department to respond
Inspections of your fire alarm system can be performed on monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual basis to comply with insurance requirements and the National Fire Protection Codes and/or the local authority having jurisdiction.

Access Control
Controlling access to your facility is more of a concern these days than ever.  We have software based systems that can take advantage of your existing computer hardware and can be integrated with your security system to maintain a tighter control over your facility. Your employees will also feel safer knowing that they are protected from uninvited characters.  Optional devices for activating a “key-less entry” door station include:
· Magnetic Card Swipes ·
· Proximity Cards ·
· Proximity Key Tags ·
· ID Card Buttons ·
· Bio-metric Technology ·
· …and more! ·

Surveillance Video Systems (CCTV)
We can design a system to fit any need, from single to multi-camera systems. We offer state of the art video surveillance solutions, with cameras, digital video recorders and accessories that can help you keep an eye on your property – and your employees – and give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.  Remote access capabilities allow you to login from anywhere around the world to view live or pre-recorded video events.  Video surveillance products and services include:
· Cameras of all types and resolution such as Day/Night, Infrared, HD Quality ·
· Bullet Style, Eyeball
, Mini-Domes, Covert Models of all types, Network and IP Models, Analog, and more. ·
· Digital Video Recorders for multiple camera locations with “mega” memory ·
· Off premises access to live or recorded events, from our own PC or Cell phone anywhere in the world! ·