Maintaining Your System

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Simple System Maintenance

Taking Care of Your Security System
The components of your security system are designed to be as maintenance-free as possible. However, to make sure that your system is in reliable working condition, do the following: 1. Test your system weekly. 2. Test your system after an alarm occurs

Silencing Low Battery Warning Tones at the Keypad
You can silence the keypad’s warning tones by pressing the OFF key, but the keypad’s low battery message display will remain on as a reminder that you have a low battery condition in one or more of your wireless sensors. We recommend that you call us to replace your battery, so that we can ensure that your system does not lose any settings.

Routine Care
Treat the components of your security system as you would any other electrical equipment. Do not slam sensor-protected doors or windows. Keep dust from accumulating on the keypad and all protective sensors, particularly on motion sensors and smoke detectors. The keypad and sensors should be cleaned carefully with a dry soft cloth. Do not spray water or any other fluid on the units. These tips are based on Mexico Security’s most commonly installed First Alert Professional product line.

Scheduled Maintenance
We offer maintenance agreements to fit your needs, from basic service that covers labor for routine calls to those that include all parts and labor. Other services include inspections of your system on monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual basis.  Mexico Security is here for you and your security needs.