Mexico Security's Exclusive Honeywell First Alert Professional Services provides Reliable Security Solutions for every aspect of your life...

24/7 always there monitoring service

At Mexico Security, we take great pride in backing our products with comprehensive services that continually work to protect your property.

24-Hour Monitoring    
We offer 24/7 monitoring of your system for burglary, fire and personal emergency activations.  Operators on duty receive your alarm signal with seconds following activation and dispatch the proper authorities – police, fire, medical, or other.  We can monitor almost any type of system.

Radio Back-up with Honeywell Alarmnet
Traditional alarm signals are transmitted by way of telephone service.  With our new Honeywell Alarmnet and Total Connect Services, the alarm signal to the Central Station is not compromised  if the telephone service is disabled.  In situations where there is no phone service available, radio transmission with Honeywell Alarmnet can be used as a stand-alone service.

Total Connect
Know what is going with your security system no matter where you are.  With Total Connect you will constantly be in touch with what is happening at your home whether your system is armed or not. Your PC or Cell Phone can be notified every time an event takes place – door opened, smoke detector activated, system armed or disarmed, etc.  Forget to arm your system, or want to see if someone else did?  Do it from anywhere with Total Connect Only broadband internet connection is required.

Opening/Closing Reports
We offer this service so users of the alarm system can be monitored (identified) if and when they arm and disarm the system.  These signals can be “supervised”, so that someone is notified immediatley if the system is armed or disarmed at an unauthorized time, or not armed when it should be.  A detailed report of this information can be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis by email, text, regular mail or immediately with a phone call.

Cabling / Wiring
We offer any type of wiring installation, to include Category 6 computer cable with testing and certification, as well as Residential Structured Cabling.

Maintenance Agreements
We offer maintenance agreements to fit your needs, from basic service that covers labor for routine calls to those that include all parts and labor.  Others services include inspections on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  All of these services are available on new installations as well as systems in place.

Security Survey/Analysis
We offer a free, no-obligation, needs analysis for your home or business to help you in determining areas of protection that you may require. Our needs analysis covers all areas, including security, fire alarms, surveillance cameras, access control, etc.